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One sixth of the nation is on food stamps

By Kay Daly

Like most government welfare programs, food stamps was meant to be a last resort in desperate times for those who have had drastic difficulties with their financial situation.   It was never meant to be a program from cradle to grave nor was it to be a generational thing, passed down like a precious antique.   (For a real eye opener on the whole subject of welfare programs, check out Marvin Olasky’s “The Tragedy of American Compassion.”  It will change your entire perspective on the subject of what real help is…and what is just downright cruel, despite what the liberals claim!)

The Wall Street Journal sadly noted today that 43 million Americans are on food stamps.   The state with the smallest percentage of citizens on food stamps is Wyoming and the “state” with the largest percentage collecting food stamps?  The District of Columbia.   So within the shadow of the Capitol dome, more than one fifth of the District’s population is on food stamps.

Like most welfare programs, the lottery and nearly anything that the government seems to get involved in, the program actually hurts those it claims to help.

Not only does it trap recipients into a lifestyle that is hard to extract oneself from, not only it is a generational cancer that grows, spreads, and eats any kind of ambition, determination and motivation alive, but it also steers recipients toward some of the worst food habits on the planet.  Have you ever seen the items on the approved list for food stamps?   High in preservatives, fats, sodium, chemicals and carbs — these are the quick food solutions that seem “cheaper” and boy are they engineered to taste swell.  But they are building eating habits in generations of children that will be devastating to their health.

Perhaps they are thinking they can just take care of the results of the food stamp program with Obamacare! 

In all seriousness, there are children out there who are eating their way into a shortened life span who have never seen a fruit or a vegetable that didn’t come out of a can or a frozen bag.  The sodium level alone in most of the food stamp approved premade foods and quick prepare foods are sky high.  The sugar level in the packaged drinks approved for the food stamp program would keep a child on the ceiling for most of the school day. 

Obesity program, Mrs. Obama?  Take a good long look at the laughable nutrition standards in the food stamp program and what folks are actually buying and you’ll see a whale of a correlation to obesity.

Creating a Dependent America… the Progressive approach that destroys individual responsibility, independence, and realistic opportunity for upward mobility. But that’s only the economic consequences of the Progressive world view! Generations of Americans now unable and/or unwilling to take care of themselves directly attributable to a purposeful effort to emasculate America by Progressives.

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