Urban renewal drains and pains taxpayers


Urban Renewal sounds good. But when you actually investigate the enormous costs and compare that to the benefits… just who is getting the benefit? Urban Renewal is another enormous waste of money… and another rabbit hole that government sells as a “desireable” function of government. Not so.
Urban renewal’s history of failure.. just a few..

Urban renewal is the use of public funds to test extremely expensive and historically failed efforts to enforce conformity to the social viewpoint of elitist urban social planners. Only the public sector would waste money on this scale, over and over and over.. trying to create a narrow version of “heaven on earth” by the politically correct social engineering elite.

Urban Renewal is one of the most expensive and failed programs in government   Governments are filled with “planners” who plead for “do overs”.. insisting the next time, they’ll get it right.


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