The NPR sting operation may lead to de-funding of this organization, and rightly so, because taxpayers’ money should not be used to pay for political bias.  But O’Keefe’s sting already brought something far more interesting than that.

One of the pillars of Progressivism is the notion that evil doesn’t really exist.  What we perceive as evil actions, we are told, stems from ignorance, poverty, social inequality, or any number of other factors beyond one’s control.  Once people are educated, given food and shelter, etc. they will surely abandon their wicked ways.  And if evil still makes the headlines, that’s simply because the rich have not been taxed enough yet and the schools have not gotten all their money.  And not everyone rides a bike to work yet.

Such a viewpoint can be disputed in a number of ways, but the corruption and bigotry of the high priests of this temple of knowledge, which NPR purports to be, is inexplicable, assuming the Progressive worldview.  Yet there it is in all its glorious pettiness.

But wait comrade, are the conservatives any better?  What about the bigotry and racism of the Tea Party?

But see, these are the unwashed, uneducated, backwater rednecks who, like Sarah Palin, never read anything, and they simply don’t know any better.  Sprinkle some perfume, give them a copy of the New Yorker, and you’ll surely pull them out of the swamp.  Give them a ride on a public train, and they’ll shine.

Well, no.  The correct answer came, two thousand years ago, from a Galilean carpenter, who never rode a public train or a bike.  One of the most educated men of his time, perhaps of all time, he knew where evil comes from: the man’s heart.  Rich or poor, educated or ignorant, we all are fallen human beings.

I am glad the NPR executives resigned from their posts.  They may now be ready to renew their membership in the fallen human race.

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