Islamic Jew Hatred: **GRAPHIC** Muslim Massacre Jewish family of Five, Three Year Old Stabbed in the Heart, Baby’s Throat Slashed – Atlas Shrugs


Evil? These are the “good deeds” that the warped mind of the nearby Muslim horde celebrate. This is but one of thousands of examples of a most inhumane ideology that lusts for domination. For centuries, this ideology has justified murder, rape, pillaging, and more.. as though they were doing “God’s work”.. Look closely.. Would an honest man call any of this “God’s work”?

Who could do this? Who would do this? Open your eyes America.. to the facts. Hate, intimidation, and a fascination with the murder of innocent, unarmed men, women and children fuel radical Islam. As Satan’s minion;s, they show us the character and intentions of evil.. Death and Destruction

Muslims Celebrate Mass Murder with Passing Out Candy to Children





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