Northwest Teachers For Social Justice- Government School Priorities are outlined here

Registration for the 2010 conference is now open!


1-quarter credit or clock hours available. Please pre-register.

Overnight housing is available in Seattle. If you would like to stay with local teachers and community activists, please email to make arrangements. As available housing is limited, please contact early.


In order to ensure that we will have a lunch for you, please register by 10:00pm, Wednesday, September 29. If you register after that time, you are welcome to join us, but we cannot guarantee that lunch will be provided.

Lunch will be provided by HOTLIPS Pizza. Lunch is included with your registration.


Not much talk about increasing student achievement.. No mention of academic excellence. Government schools have become indoctrination factories with an agenda to destroy individual free enterprise by inculcating the idea that someone else must take care of you. Creation of the dependency class is “Job #1” for “Education”. Paid for by taxes exracted from the enterprises these leftists despise..

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