Islamic Sharia “Judges” intent on hanging Christian, solely because he refuses to renounce Christ

The ACLJ has been fully engaged in an aggressive strategy, working with contacts on the ground in Iran, international media, and congressional leaders, to put pressure on Iran to save Pastor Youcef’s life. The only reason that we have been able to engage this issue fully – in this country and in Iran – is because of your generous support. Please stand with the ACLJ by making a tax-deductible donation today, so that we will have the resources necessary to continue fighting for life and liberty around the world, by clicking the Donate button at the top of this page.  

Another example .. why Islamic “Sharia Law” should not be allowed in any form, anywhere in America.

Climate Change Reconsidered

The 2011 Interim Report

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The 2011 Interim Report from the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change presents an overview of the research on climate change that has appeared since publication of Climate Change Reconsidered: The 2009 Report of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change. Research published before 2009 is included if it did not appear in the 2009 report or provides context for the new research. Nearly all of the research summarized here appeared in peer-reviewed science journals.

The current report was coauthored by a team of scientists recruited and led by Craig D. Idso, Robert Carter, and S. Fred Singer. Significant contributions were provided by the lead authors and contributors identified on the title page. This team of scientists has been working since the release of Climate Change Reconsidered on a new comprehensive report currently scheduled for release in 2013. A second interim report, similar to the current report, is planned for 2012.

To read the 2011 Interim Report, click on the appropriate link(s) below. Click here to read the report’s press release.



Front Cover   JPG (0.2 MB)

Front Matter   PDF (0.6 MB)

Chapter 1
Climate Models and Their Limitations   PDF (0.6 MB)

Chapter 2
Forcings and Feedbacks   PDF (0.6 MB)

Chapter 3
Paleoclimate and Recent Temperatures   PDF (0.8 MB)

Chapter 4
Observations and Projections: Cryosphere, Ocean Dynamics, and Hydrology   PDF (0.7 MB)

Chapter 5
Observations and Projections: Extreme Weather   PDF (0.6 MB)

  Chapter 6
Terrestrial Animals   PDF (0.6 MB)

Chapter 7
Terrestrial Plants and Soils   PDF (1.4 MB)

Chapter 8
Aquatic Life   PDF (0.9 MB)

Chapter 9
Human Health Effects   PDF (0.5 MB)

Chapter 10
Economic and Other Policy Implications   PDF (1.0 MB)

Appendix 1: Acronyms   PDF (0.3 MB)
Appendix 2: Contributors to the 2011 Interim Report   PDF (0.3 MB)

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Full Report   PDF (8.3 MB)

Facts debunking “Man Made Climate” change is gathering even more steam..

Clackamas County Taxpayers vs. County “Government”

From remarks forwarded to me by a concerned Clackamas County Citizen:

Have you wondered how Clackamas County was taken over by “Big Government Advocates”,  Lynn Peterson, Ann LIninger, Jim Bernard, Jamie Damon & Charlotte Lehan?  

Look look at the members who make up the Clackamas “Business Alliance“.

A disinterested 3rd party cannot help but conclude this alliance is nothing more than a self serving scheme designed to block public scrutiny or influence over enormous taxpayer funded spending decisions. This “Alliance” of mostly government and private benefactors has lined heir pockets with enormous taxpayer funded wealth.  They produced a voter’s pamphlet statement supporting a contrived ballot measure solely intended to defeat the citizen’s measure.  A contrivance so unethical and misleading that a judge threw out the ballot title they wrote.  These are our “representatives”?

They have nothing to offer Clackamas County.. What they are is an extension of the Portland planning regime that preys on uninformed, unwitting, uninvolved citizens.. in a system that they’ve learned to manipulate to line the pockets of their benefactors and to grow wealth siphoning, sprawling government beast.

Clackamas County has no integrity being a contributing member to this racket.  I mean, take a look at the “members, sponsors, and director”.  Is there the possibility/ probability of “insider” corruption?  Don’t be stupid.   Premium sponsors   Board of Directors

It’s essentially all government and benefactors who have grown fat at the trough.. and making millions off the Portland/TriMet/Metro agenda. All dues paying members (using funds which originate from the taxpayer).  Once again, taxpayer money being used against taxpayers to  grow an ever growing assault on the private sector, while enriching a very narrow class of “insiders”. 


3J Consulting, Inc 
Bank of Lake Oswego
Bernards Garage, Inc      Commissioner Bernard
City of Happy Valley
City of Milwaukie
City of Wilsonville
Clackamas Community College
Clackamas County
David Evans and Associates, Inc         Along with every other boondoggle these Arch/Engineers have been paid $80 million to date for CRC planning 
Davis Wright Tremaine                      
General Growth Properties, LLC – Clackamas Town Center   recipeints of millions in Urban Renewal tax dollars
Group MacKenzie            SoWa property owner, big vender for Portland Development
HM3 Ethanol, Inc
Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce
Metropolitan Land Group
North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce
Oregon City School District
Oregon Iron Works, Inc        Streetcar manufacturer
Portland General Electric
STIVEN Planning and Development Services, LLC
Tri-County Investments, LLC
Worksource Oregon Employment Department

Look at the list of contributors who wish to silence the voice of Clackamas Taxpayers .. Do you see a pattern?  These organizations and people want to control the county commissioners.. and bypass the taxpayer.  It’s muchc easier to buy off a commissioner. 

These are the interests that want we citizens to shut up.. and want to deny us our opportunity to actually vote on the issue.

WEINSTEIN: Greens want terror oil in your gas tank

WEINSTEIN: Greens want terror oil in your gas tank

Using Canada’s ethical oil makes economic, national security sense

Illustration: Canadian oil by Linas Garsys for The Washington TimesIllustration: Canadian oil by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

Canada, not the Middle East, is the No. 1 supplier of oil to the United States, a symbiotic relationship that has existed for decades. What’s more, the Canadian province of Alberta is home to the world’s third-largest petroleum reserves. Viewing America as the most logical market for its expanding production, the government of Alberta and the TransCanada Corp. are proposing a pipeline called Keystone XL to bring crude oil from Alberta to refineries along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast.

Although the State Department concluded in August that there would be no significant negative environmental impacts from the pipeline, it has hosted a series of hearings in communities from Montana to Texas in recent weeks. A final hearing is scheduled for Washington on Oct. 7.

The economic benefits from constructing the pipeline have been well publicized: $20 billion in new investment, 13,000 new American jobs in construction and related manufacturing, and more than 100,000 spinoff jobs during the two-year construction period. But more important than the short-term stimulus, which certainly is needed in today’s moribund economy, the completed pipeline will help increase America’s energy and national security.

Today, most of the crude oil processed by Gulf Coast refineries comes from Mexico and Venezuela. Production in both countries has declined in recent years, and while U.S.-Mexico political relations are friendly, U.S.-Venezuela relations are anything but. By contrast, Canada is a strong and reliable American ally, as well as a key North American Free Trade Agreement partner.

The proposed Keystone XL pipeline certainly is not unique. TransCanada already operates a pipeline from Alberta to Cushing, Okla., and the XL would simply shorten the route while adding an extension from Oklahoma to the Gulf Coast. Lower transportation costs associated with the XL would save Gulf Coast refiners almost $500 million annually, which, in turn, could mean lower prices for consumers at the gas pump. What’s more, the planned route of the XL would link oil producers in the booming North Dakota Bakken region to the national pipeline network, providing efficiency gains of $36 million to $146 million annually, according to a recent study by the Energy Policy Research Foundation.

Despite the strong economic and energy security case for permitting the Keystone XL, opposition to the project has been growing. Last month, several hundred protesters were arrested in front of the White House, including a number of Hollywood celebrities. The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu have expressed their opposition to Keystone XL (in full-page newspaper ads paid for by the Natural Resources Defense Council) as has New York Times food critic Mark Bittman. Both pro- and anti-pipeline advocates are back on the streets of Washington as the Oct. 7 hearing date approaches.

Although opponents argue the pipeline is inherently dangerous because of potential harm to farms, wildlife and water aquifers as it cuts across Montana, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, in truth, the anti-XL campaign is aimed against expansion of the Alberta oil sands. Environmentalists claim production in the oil sands is contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, destroying the arboreal forests and killing migratory birds. On a recent visit, I saw no evidence of these claims. Indeed, relative to both the geographic and carbon footprints of most onshore and offshore oil production, the Alberta oil sands compare quite favorably.

If the Keystone XL project is blocked, the pace of oil sands development in Alberta won’t diminish. Recent investments by Chinese companies suggest a growing alternative market across the Pacific. But without the pipeline, America will be unable to benefit from cost-efficient Western Canadian oil while Gulf Coast refiners remain dependent upon unstable suppliers.

Bernard L. Weinstein is associate director of the Maguire Energy Institute and an adjunct professor of business economics at Southern Methodist University.


Fw: TriMet Tree Massacre In Full Swing

What’s wrong with this picture? Please watch this short video footage caught just today…

From: Michael Strickland <>
Subject: TriMet Tree Massacre In Full Swing
Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2011, 3:32 PM

The trees on Lincoln are being destroyed today. By out of state
contractors with numerous carbon emitting vehicles. And one TriMet
supervisor who just sits in his truck the whole time.

EPA Wants to add 230,000 MORE Bureaucrats | Americans for Prosperity

EPA Wants to add 230,000 MORE Bureaucrats

We’ve always said the EPA’s extra-legal attempt to rewrite the 1970 Clean Air Act to twist it into a greenhouse gas law — cap-and-trade by other means — would be a disaster. Up to now, EPA tried to claim it would only apply permitting requirements to large industrial facilities. Now it is finally telling the truth — that applying the Clean Air Act as written will force permitting for even small commercial facilities, schools, hospitals, churches, restaurants that use natural gas as a cooking fuel, and even larger single family homes.

In a court filing last week, EPA quantified the vast new army of federal bureaucrats it will need to process millions of new permits under the Prevention of Significant Deterioration and Title V permitting process. A shocking 230,000 new EPA bureaucrats at a cost of $21 billion — more than tripling the EPA’s total budget. In the filing EPA says it will reach these levels by April 30, 2016.

Based on the historical relationship between the number of federal regulators and private sector employment recently quantified by the Phoenix Center the addition of 230,000 federal bureaucrats would destroy 22.5 million private sector jobs.

The EPA doesn’t have to do this. The EPA and Obama White House have falsely claimed they were ordered to act by the Supreme Court in Massachusetts v. EPA, but the court in that case only ruled that the EPA had to decide whether to act based on the language of the statute. The same rationale they offered for phasing the rules in under the tailoring rule — administrative necessity and absurd results — are the valid legal reason they should have declined to act and left the political question of whether to act on greenhouse gases up to Congress.

Since they seem intent on moving forward, Congress must step in and stop them. As soon as possible.

Take a look at Greece. What is this administration trying to do? Can it be any more obvious? Triple the size and budget of the EPA? The goal of this administration is to crush the economic foundation of this country to create insecurity and weakness. Wake up my friends. This is a systematic effort to shackle America in the chains and despair which is Socialism.

A Glimpse at the “Government” in “Big Government” | Americans for Prosperity

Among the massive amounts of government handouts included in the jobs bill, the Clinton-era Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998 is playing a vital role in the implementation of the President’s proposed programs. The WIA expanded state and local bureaucracy by establishing “Workforce Investment Boards” (WIB) to provide job training for the unemployed. Despite the fact this program’s implementation has yielded the typical complications of bureaucratic control, the President’s new stimulus uses this legislation as a model for states to spur future employment.

President Obama proposed a series of jumpstarts for the unemployed, including government-subsidized skill assessments, job-search counseling, and individualized re-employment plans. While most public university students pay sky-high tuition rates for that kind of service, Obama’s unemployed will receive those services in addition to free vocational training.

In fact, the crux of Obama’s big government “innovation,” rests on this very training. Yet, with local WIB’s oft-leveraged capacity to ration services, much of the localities’ unemployed never even reach a trained level of self-advancement.

Because of its relatively recent passage, the full effects of the WIA’s implementation are not fully understood. Case studies, however, reveal the compounding red tape that comes with most bureaucratic agencies. A series of case studies from the University of Texas reveals how WIB’s ration services due to ineffective cost calculations formulated by the government.

A study from the American Academy of Political and Social Science reveals how the WIA’s outcome-based measures encourage WIB’s to pick unemployed clients not based on whether they need training, but rather “based on their perceived ability to complete training.” The study reports that, “access to training is restricted by virtue of the hierarchy of services available to WIA clients.” This process, appropriately termed “creaming,” affects access to community college education as well.

Programs like nursing are cut from college curriculum if those programs have a record of producing less successful individuals. In other words, even if you are the picture-perfect mechanic or nurse, a bunch of failed students in your particular program may end your career path in that program.

This is just one example of the failed Big Government philosophy Obama so proudly exalts. The same big government philosophy features bureaucratic inefficiencies like funding misallocations and multi-layered points of administration.

The University of Texas study explained how rigid allocation formulas prevented officials from using common sense to spend the money they were given. In parts of Missouri, for example, the WIA grants weren’t even fully utilized, while other parts complained they didn’t have enough funding. But administrative rules kept local officials from shifting the funding to areas that needed them the most. The formulas also dictated a predetermined amount was to be spent on each category of unemployed individuals. Here local officials faced similar roadblocks to common sense — if one locality had an unusually high number of young people out of work, for example, tough luck for them.

Besides directing the unemployed away from career advancement, the WIA actually takes away private sector opportunities by crowding out small business staffing services. Obama’s new plan encourages one-stop career centers, designed to train and recruit the unemployed for large corporations, similar to the centers outlined under the WIA.

Kimble Ainslie, from the Cato Institute, has followed the effects of this policy, including its market-distorting properties. According to Ainslie, the government-funded career centers offer services to large corporations at “no charge,” thereby crowding out small staffing services and putting them out of business.

Obama declared, “[America] should have no more regulation than the health, safety, and security of the American people require.” But these regulations seem to be working toward the opposite.

View the forum thread.

“Workforce Investment Act” .. Another rationing scheme destined to fail. Obama’s administration sees everything through a “big government” lens and is simply incapable of accepting the fact that market based solutions are far superior to the Statist approach to “problem solving” that actually compounds whatever problem his administration gazes upon.

Breaking news on Obama dental care

In a singular stroke of genius, the Obama administration secured affordable dental care for all Americans, saved trillions of dollars for taxpayers, and boosted economic ties with our strategic partner—People’s Republic of China, not only meeting but exceeding two key election campaign promises. Once and for all, the critics will have to shut up. Or will they?


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Angry federal judge rips ‘false testimony’ of federal scientists

Angry federal judge rips ‘false testimony’ of federal scientists

A tough federal judge in Sacramento has become a folk hero of Central California citizens for protecting people and endangered species instead of putting the interests of either over the other.

In the process, U.S. District Judge Oliver Wanger made two huge splashes last week in what began as a water-supply war a decade ago, then grew into a convoluted endangered-fish war.

Today, it’s a gigantic good science versus bad science war pitting California residents against a tiny fish and government officials diverting two years’ worth of water for a large city or agricultural region and flushing it into the San Francisco Bay.

The flushing might help save the allegedly endangered 2-inch-long fish, the delta smelt.

So many lawsuits sparked by the conflict have landed on Wanger’s desk, with so many plaintiffs and so many defendants, that he merged them into one and titled his rulings “The Consolidated [salmonid, delta smelt, or whatever] Cases.”

In a searing opinion, Wanger ripped two Interior Department scientists for giving “false” and “incredible” testimony to support a “bad faith” delta smelt preservation plan.

The two scientists are Frederick V. Feyrer of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and Jennifer M. Norris of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Wanger also threw out huge chunks of the federal government’s official “biological opinion” on five different species, calling the opinion, which is a guidance document for environmental regulators, “arbitrary, capricious, and unlawful.”

Wanger has become a hero to millions of Californians thanks to his strict interpretation of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969.

Section 1 of NEPA establishes policy. Section 2 describes penalties. Environmentalists focus solely on the latter, while ignoring the former, even though both are federal law.

Wanger says “the public policy underlying NEPA favors protecting the balance between humans and the environment,” by, according to the first purpose listed in the statute, establishing “a national policy which will encourage productive and enjoyable harmony between man and his environment.”

Environmentalists worship NEPA as “the environment’s bill of rights” and focus almost entirely on the penalties it provides, while Wanger looks at the whole law.

In an earlier decision, for example, he excoriated the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency for its to-hell-with-people policy:

“Federal defendants completely abdicated their responsibility to consider reasonable alternatives that would not only protect the species, but would also minimize the adverse impact on humans and the human environment.”

Craig Manson, general counsel of the vast Westlands Water District (and a former assistant secretary of the interior for fish and wildlife and parks), said of Wanger’s ruling on the government’s biological opinion:

“The court is again calling for sound science. The people who depend on water supplied by these projects, are entitled to the government’s best efforts supported by the best available science. The recent rulings by the court give us the best opportunity in a decade or more to make real NEPA’s policy of harmony between humans and their environment.”

Brandon Middleton, a Pacific Legal Foundation attorney, said, “The court’s willingness to recognize NEPA’s policy of ‘protecting the balance between humans and the environment’ is refreshing. For decades, environmental groups have attempted to impose their viewpoint without any consideration for the human impacts of ‘environmentalism at all costs.’ “

After reading Wanger’s opinion, Feyrer and Norris may need to consider new careers.

In a court transcript of last week’s decision obtained by The Washington Examiner, Wanger wrote of Norris: “I find her testimony to be that of a zealot. … The suggestion by Dr. Norris that the failure to implement [her plan], that that’s going to end the delta smelt’s existence on the face of our planet is false, it is outrageous, it is contradicted by her own testimony.”

Feyrer got worse — a ruling of “agency bad faith.”

Isn’t that a firing offense, even for a career civil servant? I asked Julie McDonald, former deputy assistant secretary of interior for fish and wildlife and parks.

“No, they don’t get fired, they get promoted,” McDonald said, citing the power of the federal “science cartel” to protect its rule over America’s environmental regulations from people like Wanger.

Wanger, who has announced his retirement, has cut a larger-than-life figure ever since he was nominated for the federal bench in 1991 by President George H.W. Bush.

He’s been called colorful, but I think red white and blue are the colors that fit him best.

Examiner Columnist Ron Arnold is executive vice president of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise.

I thought most everyone in California had gone mad. Finally, a federal judge proclaims the obvious.. their is a massively corrupt system being foisted on America.. from within. We must elect people who yearn for Truth, Good Faith decision making, and who do NOT have this radical “Earth First” ideology that is determined to destroy our way of life today, and for future generations.