Clackamas County Commissioners- Tell Citizens to “Shove It”

 Public Hearing Notice

Tuesday September 6th. at 6:00 PM.



 About 10,000 registered voters have signed the

Citizens’ petition to require voter approval for

the formation of urban renewal districts and

our measure will be on the November ballot.


The County Commissioners are drafting

a counter measure in an attempt to fool

the Citizens of the Clackamas County

not to vote for the Citizens’ measure.


This hearing may be your only opportunity to

tell the Commissioners what you think about

them putting a counter measure on the ballot

that could overturn your right to vote on the

formation of all urban renewal districts

within Clackamas County.


Help us spread the word about this hearing.

We need as many people as possible

to come and speak against the

Commissioners on this issue!



 County Commissioners’ Hearing

 Tuesday September 6th at 6 PM

 Commissioners’ Hearing Room – 4th floor

 2051 Kaen Rd. Oregon City



You may view the county’s counter measure at

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