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SACRAMENTO – The nearly five-hour drive from the Sacramento area to Yreka, in Siskiyou County by the Oregon border, was a reminder not just of the immense size and beauty of California, but of the vast regional and cultural differences one finds within our 37-million-population state.

Sacramento is Government Central, a land of overly pensioned bureaucrats and restaurant discounts for state workers. But way up in the North State, one finds a small but hard-edged rural populace that views state and federal officials as the main obstacles to their quality of life.

Mount Shasta at sunrise, as seen from the Amtrak Coast Starlight.

Their latest battle is to stop destruction of four hydroelectric dams along the Klamath River – an action driven by environmentalists and the Obama administration. Most locals say the dam-busting will undermine their property rights and ruin the local farming and ranch economy, which is all that’s left since environmental regulators destroyed the logging and mining industries.


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These used to be wealthy resource-based economies, but now many of the towns are drying up, with revenue to local governments evaporating. Unemployment rates are in the 20-percent-and-higher range. Nearly 79 percent of the county’s voters in a recent advisory initiative opposed the dam removal, but that isn’t stopping the authorities from blasting the dams anyway.

These rural folks, living in the shadow of the majestic Mount Shasta, believe that they are being driven away so that their communities can essentially go back to the wild, to conform to a modern environmentalist ethos that puts wildlands above humanity. As the locals told it during the Defend Rural America conference Oct. 22 at the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds, environmental officials are treading on their liberties, traipsing unannounced on their properties, confronting ranchers with guns drawn to enforce arcane regulatory rules and destroying their livelihoods in the process.

The evening’s main event: a panel featuring eight county sheriffs (seven from California, one from Oregon) who billed themselves as “Constitution sheriffs.” They vowed to stand up for the residents of their communities against what they say is an unconstitutional onslaught from regulators in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. In particular, they took issue with the federal government’s misnamed Travel Management Plan, which actually is designed to shut down public travel in the forests.

Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood related the stir he caused when he said he “will not criminalize citizens for just accessing public lands.” Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey reminded the crowd that county sheriffs are sworn to uphold the Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” These are fighting words.

Sheriff Dean Wilson of Del Norte County said he was “ignorant and naïve about the terrible condition our state was in.” He came to believe that people were being assaulted by their own government. “I spent a good part of my life enforcing the penal code but not understanding my oath.” Wilson and other sheriffs said it is their role to defend the liberties of the people against any encroachments – even if those encroachments come from other branches of government.

As someone who has covered law-enforcement issues in urban Southern California, it’s refreshing to hear peace officers enunciate the proper relationship between themselves and the people. Increasingly, law enforcement is based on an authoritarian model, whereby police have nearly unlimited power, and citizens must obey, period. It’s rare to hear peace officers who are willing to stand up against more powerful arms of the government in service to their oath to their state and county and who affirm that their job is to protect their citizens’ inherent rights. It’s even rarer to hear sheriffs complain about the excessive use of force by fellow officers, which was a theme on the panel when referencing federal agents.

I could pick nits. For all the complaining about the feds, Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko had just been quoted in the newspaper praising the Obama administration for its crackdown on medical-marijuana clinics, even though California law clearly allows them. One’s either for state control or not. I’m tired of conservatives who claim to be for states’ rights when it suits them, but against states’ rights on issues such as the drug war. Still, it was clear whose side the sheriffs were on regarding a battle that goes beyond the sparsely populated northern regions.

The people in Siskiyou were echoing points I’ve heard throughout rural California. As they see it, government regulators are pursuing controversial policies – i.e., diverting water from farms to save a bait fish, the Delta smelt, clamping down on carbon dioxide emissions to address global warming even if it means driving food processors out of the Central Valley, demolishing dams to increase a population of fish that isn’t endangered – without caring about the costs to rural residents.

When resource-related jobs leave rural areas, there aren’t many other ways for residents to earn a decent living. Society collapses, and poverty expands. There aren’t enough tourist-oriented gift shops to keep everyone gainfully employed.

I hadn’t been in Yreka long before someone related a popular joke: A federal agent shows up at a farm and demands to check out the property. The farmer says OK, but tells him not to go over to one pasture. Then the agent arrogantly tells him he has a badge from the federal Environmental Protection Agency and can go wherever he darn well pleases. The farmer says OK. A few minutes later, the agent is running for his life from a bull. The agent calls for help, so the farmer goes to the fence and yells: “Show him your badge.”

It’s funny but anger-inducing. We’ve got a real sagebrush rebellion brewing in rural California. Urban legislators can ignore it at their own peril.

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Urgent, All Hands on Deck!

Dear Clackamas


Please forward this email to at least ten friends and neighbors (more if possible) who live in Clackamas County…

Have you voted yet?
Have you ever wondered why the budgets of our schools, police, fire- fighters, libraries, and basic services are continually held hostage…?

On your current ballot, you will find two competing measures. 

Measure 3-386, the peoples’ Measure is the first step in eliminating crony capitalism from Clackamas County. Before the government can divert money to their favorite developers, away from police, fire, and schools, they must ask permission from those who will be affected. That would be you, the taxpayer!
Measure 3-388the government’s competing Measure designed to “trump” the citizens’ Measure, allows a vote by as few as 1% to decide the fate of the other 99% in the county, who will incur the debt. Does this sound fair? Apparently, Portland developers and out- of- county corporations think so, as they have contributed heavily to the Commissioners’ Measure!

Please take a few brief moments to check out the three attachments included in this email:

1. PDF of the November edition of the Northwest Connection newspaper, featuring several excellent timely articles pertaining to the Clackamas Urban Renewal matter.
2. A flyer that can be forwarded to friends and neighbors in Clackamas County, or printed and distributed door to door.
3. A partial list of donors to the Commissioners’ measure, including out of state corporations and numerous Portland businesses from out of Clackamas County(over 64% of the total) that want to pick your pockets!

Check out this link to a very short audio clip which highlights the Commissioners (except for Paul Savas) in a work session with Legal Counsel laughing at our volunteers who sacrificed much of their summer to gather signatures to put Measure 3-386 on the ballot. Although the final 3-388 version adopted by the Commission fell short of the “trump” provision discussed in this recording, it shows the mindset and arrogance of its proponents:

View on »

Please check out the following website. There are several excellent resources here that you will find helpful and very informative related to this matter. Included is a list of donors to the Commissioners’ Measure from Portland that will put an end to the myth that their Measure is about “Local Control!”:


The Commissioners raised and spent over $135,000 in a failed attempt to defeat our citizens’ repeal of the Portland Sellwood Bridge tax. With your help, the tens of thousands they have raised to defeat us here will also fail.

Thank you for all you do for liberty. 
Together, we will successfully restore accountable government to Clackamas County, Oregon, and America.

God bless,
Dale and Sarah Seale
AFP Clackamas Co- chairs

PS. For signs, flyers, questions, or Northwest Connection papers (November edition), please email:
or call: 503-998-6298

PPS. Please join us this Thurs., Nov. 3 from 10:00 until 12:00 at the Clackamas County Board of County Commission hearing at:
 2051 Kaen Rd. Oregon City, 97045 (off Beavercreek Rd on fourth floor)
Let’s remind the Commissioners that they work for us- not Portland developers and outside companies that donate to their political campaigns and oppose the citizens!

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Urban Renewal Herb CCVoter-Landscaped (1).pdf
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Urban Renewal 3-388 donors not local control.pdf
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CDC Director Arrested for Child Molestation and Bestiality


Who, or What’s next? This article is just one more example of the decline or elimination altogether of morality in our American culture. Many Government schools have become sewers, filled with “instructors” who’s main objective is to promote and reward Licentious behavior, while mocking and threatening anyone who dares object to immoral behavior or promotions. When man turns away from the Truth, he becomes consumed with fleshly pursuits and licentiousness. This person, Kimberly Lindsey, is lost and deeply self absorbed. People behaving like her are well documented throughout history:

» #OccupyWallStreet: The Rap Sheet, So Far – Big Government


Hard to believe some Americans have become so uncivilized. Obama embraces “His People” who have shown all of us what “His People” stand for. What kind of person would condone, even encourage, the actions, behavior, alarming personal hygiene, and overall anti social world view embraced by the “occupiers”? This is the society that Obama and his supporters aspire the USA to “transform” into? Seems to me, after observing the behavior in all these camps, the best way to describe the group is licentious :

Eric Holder Resignation | John Mica | Fast And Furious | The Daily Caller


Has there ever been a more corrupt “Justice Dept.”? I don’t think so. This guy shares a contempt for America that permeates his department, his “selective” enforcement of laws. His documented lies concerning the tragic and sophomoric “Fast and Furious” gun running plan should give all Americans pause to consider how such a person could be elevated/promoted to the position he now disgraces. Look up shameful in the dictionary.. that’s where this guy’s face should appear.

Muslims tell DOJ to find a way to criminalize criticism of Islam! « Creeping Sharia

And cut back anti-terror funding amongst other things. Neil Munro with a very disturbing piece with absolutely unimaginable consequences when it becomes reality. And it will if we the People do not start protecting our freedoms.

Holder & Perez: Two of the most dangerous men in America

via Progressives | Islamists | Justice Department | The Daily Caller.

Top Justice Department officials convened a meeting Wednesday where invited Islamist advocates lobbied them for cutbacks in anti-terror funding, changes in agents’ training manuals, additional curbs on investigators and a legal declaration that U.S. citizens’ criticism of Islam constitutes racial discrimination.

The department’s “civil rights lawyers are top of the line — I say this with utter honesty — I know they can come up with a way” to redefine criticism as discrimination, said Sahar Aziz, a female, Egyptian-American lawyer.

“I’d be willing to give a shot at it,” said Aziz, who is a fellow at the Michigan-based Muslim advocacy group, the Institute for Social Policy & Understanding.

The audience of Islamist advocates and department officials included Tom Perez, who heads the department’s division of civil rights.

“We must continue to have the open and honest and critical dialogue that you saw in the robust debate,” Perez responded in an enthusiastic closing speech a few minutes after Aziz made her demands at the event.

“I sat here the entire time, taking notes,” Perez said. “I have some very concrete thoughts … in the aftermath of this.”

The meeting at George Washington University showcased the expanding alliance between American progressives and Islamists, said Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor in New York.

Progressives “are making these Islamist groups into the [political] representatives of Muslims in the United States,” he told The Daily Caller. That elevation of Islamists to a leadership role sidelines the majority of American Muslims who don’t want Islamist leaders, as well as American Muslims who are female or gay, he said.

McCarthy investigated and prosecuted Egyptian-born Imam Omar Abdel-Rahman, dubbed “the blind sheik,” for urging Muslims to kill New Yorkers. Abdel-Rahman was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1996.

Progressives ally with the Islamic lobby because “they think it will be a political voting bloc that will be reliably Democratic,” said Robert Spencer, an author and expert on Islam.

None of the Islamist advocates of civil rights officials in attendance, including Perez, objected to Aziz’s call for free-speech restrictions. 

The event did not include Zuhdi Jasser, an Arizona Muslim, former naval officer and a co-founder of a coalition of modernist Muslim groups, the American Islamic Leadership Coalition. “The Islamist groups’ victimology feeds into the left’s propaganda that the right is anti-minority and anti-Muslim, so there’s a mutual political benefit there,” said Jasser, who clashes with Spencer over rival responses to the Islamist groups.

Nor did the conference include any influential critics, such as McCarthy and Spencer, who argue that Islamist terror attacks are partly motivated by Islamic texts. These texts include the Koran’s verse 9:5, which says “when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them.”

Aziz, however, used her invitation to argue that Americans’ fear of Islamists’ bombs has evolved into racism towards dark-skinned men.

The word “Muslim,” she said, “has become racialized. … I don’t accept this formalistic cop-out that this is all about religion.”

Aziz did not offer any evidence for her claim, which she said justifies the use of Title VI anti-discrimination laws against institutions and individuals who argue that Islamic texts spur Islamic violence.

This legal redefinition, she said, would also “take [federal] money away from local police departments and fusion centers who are spying on all of us.”

Aziz also argued against the commonplace police practice of informally talking with people in communities, including Muslim communities. “This has been a real problem with this outreach stuff,” she said. Muslims “are acting in good faith, and then they find their imams, who were going to outreach meetings, were being spied on,” she complained. “Some have been deported. Some have been prosecuted.”

In March, Afghan-born New York Imam Ahmad Wais Afzali was ordered deported after he admitted he lied to the FBI about warning a suspected Muslim terrorist that he was being investigated. That terrorist, Najibullah Zazi, admitted that he was planning to place bombs in the New York City subway. The imam learned about the investigation because he had offered to work with local police to help identify potential terrorists in his congregation.

“People are going in good faith” to talk with police, Aziz said. “They’re being very honest about what their grievances are. They’re telling the government, ‘This what we want you to do … [and] we want you not to spy on our community.’”

Dwight Holton, a Justice Department legal counsel based in Oregon, said the threat of criminal gangs or terror attacks justifies routine police contacts with locals. “When we go to a barber shop to talk to the community, we don’t tell them you can have a lawyer,” he said.

“You should,” Aziz immediately replied.

Aziz’s advocacy was supported by a second Islamist advocate, Islamic Society of North America president Mohamed Magid. He argued that “teaching people that all Muslims are a threat to the country… is against the law and the Constitution.”

Magid asked Perez to change the federal government’s rules governing terror investigations, for more private meetings with top justice department officials, for the reeducation of FBI agents, and for more people to oppose criticism of Islam, which he labelled “religious bigotry and hate.”

In 2009 the federal government named Magid’s organization an unindicted co-conspirator in the successful 2009 trial of three Muslims who smuggled $12 million to the Islamist terror group Hamas. Two of the smugglers received life sentences.

During his speech, Perez applauded the Islamist lobbyists for persuading government officials to end extra security checks on airline passengers from Nigeria and 12 Islamic countries. The checks were adopted in 2010 after a Nigerian Muslim tried to blow up a passenger aircraft on Christmas Day.

“What did we hear in the aftermath of that? We heard a lot of feedback from people in this room and from leaders across the country that we could be doing a better job [by ending the checks]… and a few month later, and thanks to you, we did just that,” Perez told the Islamist advocates.

McCarthy, the former prosecutor, said few people recognize the expanding alliance between progressives and Islamists.

Americans “don’t realize that Islamist ideology is collectivist and redistributionist, so it works seamlessly with the left,” he said.

“They disagree over gay rights and women’s rights, [but] on many big items they’re on the same page,” McCarthy added, citing Islamist groups’ support for the administration’s health sector law as an example.

Perez did not promise to meet any of the demands made by the Islamists, but he repeatedly promised extensive consultations and flattered the attendees, while speaking in a style that blended the cadences of an academic lecturer and a rural preacher. “There will be times where we have honest differences of opinion, but if we don’t talk and don’t actively listen and if we don’t reflect and recalibrate where necessary, then we won’t be doing our job, and you have our continuing commitment to that end,” Perez declared.

Progressives, including Holton and Perez, choose to ignore the Islamists’ stated goals, Spencer said. “They assume — and force us to assume on pain of charges of ‘Islamophobia’ — that all Muslims are moderate, peaceful and have no intentions of bringing Sharia [Islamic law] here,” said Spencer. “No amount of evidence to the contrary, no amount of jihadi plots, and no number of demands for accommodation of Sharia’s provisions, ever disabuses them of this dogma.”

Justice Department officials declined to comment to The Daily Caller.

When the session ended, Perez — a Maryland resident, a progressive and a former staffer to Sen. Ted Kennedy — climbed the stage to embrace Imam Magid, who was born in Sudan and trained at a Saudi fundamentalist seminary.

With each passing day and each small victory, Muslims are becoming more bold. A year ago the Muslim request was more subtle as we told you about here: Did Muslim group ask DOJ to start enforcing sharia blasphemy law?

Share this post with your friends and family and Contact Your Elected Officials. Muslims aided and abetted by so-called Progressives and the DOJ are diligently working to make mere discussion of Islam a crime.

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And today’s USA corrupt DOJ is itching to find a way to accomodate the demands to elevate Sharia law .. Complacent US citizens should get off the couch and do just a little self education. We are watching the Muslim Brotherhood snake it’s way into our American institutions and install Sharia. Imagine the USA falling into the hands of these monsters. Free speech is the FIRST right to be disregarded and put aside.

Fw: Action Alert


Action Alert
Commissioners’ Meeting
Thursday October 27, 2011 at 10AM

Certain Clackamas County Commissioners are planning to call
in back-up from their Portland developer and union friends for
this Thursday’s BCC Hearing, and they intend to smear AFP.
We need as many people as possible to attend and testify from
Clackamas County AFP, Oregon 912 Project, and others at this
Thursday’s meeting.  Please arrive early so we can fill the
Hearing Room before the 3-388 supporters do. We need many
to be prepared to speak, but come regardless and support us!

Clackamas County Commissioners’ Hearing Room
(4th Floor)
2051 Kaen Road  Oregon City, 97045

The following are a few ideas for testimony and
some questions you may ask the Commissioners:

  • Why are you allowing people outside of Clackamas County to testify?  Are they going to pay our taxes too? 
  • Why are you not requiring people to give their full address, as your rules require? (if it applies)
  • As Commissioners, do you represent all of Clackamas County?  If you do, why would you promote a counter measure against the peoples’ measure that would create a “special class of citizens” by allowing only 1% to vote on the formation of an urban renewal district while the other 99% have to pay for the debt?
  • Why would the BCC place Measure 3-388 with wording that a judge ruled was “confusing” on the ballot?
  • Commissioner Ann Linginger illegally campaigned for measure 3-388 at last weeks Commissioner meeting using county employees and the county tele-broadcast system.  Ask her how she can justify her actions.
  • What was the cost of putting the BCC’s measure 3-388 up for a vote of the county tax payers?
  • How much tax money will be diverted by UR districts away from county services?  UR draws heavily from existing taxes for local county services:  police, fire, libraries, government schools, leaving these “essential services” short-funded.
  • How much control over what happens within an UR district will those taxpayers really have?  None after that 1% votes for the rest of us.
  • Hold up Comm. Ann Lininger’s e-mail and ask:  Why have you invited the 3-388 special interest people to this meeting to promote your agenda using Clackamas County employees and resources?
  • Ask the County Attorney (who sits to the right and hold up Comm. Ann Lininger’s e-mail and ask):  Is it legal for Clackamas County Commissioners to promote measure 3-388 at a public meeting using Clackamas County employees and resources?
  • Why was it necessary to place 3-388 on the ballot when you had the power to approve it without any vote? 


Printable 3-388 / 386 sign

Ann Lininger’s e-mail



From time to time, AFP may forward to our Members invitations to events sponsored by other groups that we believe they may find of interest.  Doing so does not imply AFP endorsement of any group’s agenda, nor agreement with any comments or information provided at those events.  Nor does it imply AFP endorsement of any candidate or candidate’s committee.


Sent by AFP Clackamas in our effort to support fiscal responsibility, Constitutional rights, sovereignty, and property rights in Clackamas County.
If you wish to be removed from or update your info in AFP Clackamas email list/database, please email Dale and Sarah Seale with specifics.


3-388 Printable Sign.doc
Download this file


Lininger E-Mail.doc
Download this file

Where Moms Kill Children To Survive In Prisons- Communism exposed yet again

Useful Idiots who have been created here in the USA have come under the spell of communism- the system that promises much, and delivers nothing but severe and desparate hordes of people, subject to tyrannical rule over their lives. Freedom and independence is NEVER an option.

FBI chief Mueller says the truth about Islam is “inappropriate and offensive” – Jihad Watch

Under pressure from Hamas-linked CAIR and other Islamic supremacists, the FBI retreats further into a dhimmi fantasy-based analysis of Islam that leaves us all more threatened. “Islam content spurs FBI review of anti-terror training,” by Shaun Waterman for The Washington Times, October 6:

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III told a congressional hearing on Thursday that the bureau is conducting a review of training programs after disclosure of materials that equated devout Muslims with a greater propensity for violent extremism.

Mr. Mueller said that one part of the training program disclosed in a press account was “inappropriate and offensive,” but that the session was a “one-off” and not likely to be repeated.

“We have undertaken a review from top to bottom of our counterterrorism training,” Mr. Mueller said. “I think these are isolated incidents, and in the course of that review, we’ve had outreach to academicians and others to assist us in reviewing the materials and assuring that that offensive content does not appear.”

The comments came in response to questions from Rep. Janice D. Schakowsky, Illinois Democrat, during a hearing before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, about leaked training materials from an FBI training session at its institute in Quantico, Va., in March.

The exchange prompted charges that Mr. Mueller was knuckling under to political correctness aimed at muzzling critics of Islam.

The materials, Mrs. Schakowsky said, stated of Muslims that “the more religious they get, the more violent they are And I understand that there’s been training [sessions] where the Prophet Muhammad has actually been called a cult leader and [where] the Islamic practice of giving to charity [has been described as] no more than, quote, ‘a funding mechanism for combat.'”

The FBI materials were first reported and posted online by ‘Wired’ Magazine’s Danger Room blog.

“In this particular instance,” said Mr. Mueller, “reports of what had been in that training came up from the students, and we took action to assure that that inappropriate, offensive content was not provided to others.”

He added that there had been “other instances [of training] that may include what would be perceived as offensive content.”

The exchange highlights a long-running dispute, both about the counterterrorism training provided by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, but more deeply about the nature of the threat posed by the ideology of Islamic terrorism.

Mr. Mueller “is saying that this correlation [between piety and violence] is offensive because Islamic supremacist groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) tell him that it offends them,” said Robert Spencer, a writer on Islam.

Shaun Waterman left out two key parts of what I said to him. What I actually said was this: “Mueller is saying that this correlation is offensive because Islamic supremacist groups like the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations tells him that it offends them. But they bring him no evidence that it is false, and cannot, because it is true.”

Waterman left out the “Hamas-linked” Homeric epithet for CAIR, and instead repeats CAIR’s denial of “any link to terrorism” below, without bothering to tell readers that CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case, or that several of its officials have convicted of terror-related crimes, etc.

He also left out my assertion that there is a correlation between Islamic piety and involvement in terror. The correlation is not that every devout Muslim will engage in jihad terror, but that all jihad terrorists are devout Muslims who invoke Islamic texts and teachings as their inspiration and justification.

Mr. Spencer is one of those whose training presentations for law enforcement – including for the FBI – have been criticized as anti-Muslim. CAIR describes itself as a civil rights organization and denies any link to terrorism.

“Mueller and the FBI have departed from a pursuit of the truth and are following a politically correct agenda that makes us all less safe,” Mr. Spencer told the Times.

John Guandolo, a former FBI agent and another counterterrorism trainer, called it “outrageous” that “almost the only people our leaders in national security and law enforcement are looking to for guidance about Islam” are representatives of groups like CAIR, which he said is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, a global political network that promotes Islamic law and a political view of Islam as not just a personal faith, but a code for the whole of society.

“The FBI director’s job is not to be the politically correct police, but to look at facts and evidence,” Mr. Guandolo said. “The fact is, the major threat does not come from terrorist attacks. It comes from the Muslim Brotherhood.”…


Stealth Jihad, as outlined and defined by the Muslim Brotherhood is alive and well in America’s political circles. It’s way past time to wake up and defend America from this suicidal effort by extremists within.