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Another Record-Breaking Federal Register? Federal Regulations Surge in 2011


Wayne Crews

The Federal Register is the daily depository of all proposed and final rules and regulations, as well as presidential documents, executive orders, agency internal directives and other notices.

This morning’s edition topped out at a rather incredible 81,245 pages for the year, with three days left for Uncle Sam to rack up still more mandates in 2011.

This is notable, because nominally, tomorrow’s Federal Register stands to surpass last year’s all-time high of 81,405. Each year I assemble such facts and figures about the regulatory state in Ten Thousand Commandments, and nothing is improving, at a time in our economic history when things need badly to improve.

Last year’s Register actually contained 82,480 pages, but there were 1,075 skipped or blank pages among them, so I net those out.

Later we’ll determine the number of skips in the 2011 edition, but regardless it seems we’re record-bound.  Stand by.

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Posted Dec 27th 2011 at 12:59 pm in Economy, Regulation, Uncategorized, crony capitalism |

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Is this tsunami of new regulations “sustainable”? Is it desirable? Does this massive additional overhead insure the destruction of the private “wealth building” sector? At some point, sane people must recognize that the Administrative State produces absolutely nothing but a lower standard of living for all but the few politically connected “insiders”. This is the well worn path to Tyranny .. proving once again that you’re doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past when you set aside the lessons of history.

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