Ghastly Evidence of Islamic “Hospitality and Love”

Ugandan Attacked by Muslims Feels “At Home” in Israel 

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A Christian preacher from Uganda who recently began promoting support for Israel, is currently being treated in an Israeli hospital after an acid attack upon him from Muslims. 

Upon hearing the news, United with Israel representative Rabbi Tuly Weisz went to visit Umar Mulinde in the hospital and presented him with several gifts on behalf of United with Israel and well-wishers from around the world. The gifts consisted of art (doves of peace) and jewelry made from the remains of thousands of rockets fired by Hamas from Gaza that have been exploding in israel, symbolizing how good can come out of evil; an encouraging message for Mulinde to hear.


Rabbi Weisz also presented messages that were sent from well-wishers around the world via Facebook – to raise Mulinde’s morale and lift his spirit. Mr. Mulinde and his wife were overwhelmed with joy and appreciation and feels “at home” with the warm hospitality and care he has received in Israel. He thanked Rabbi Weisz and United with Israel for their love and support – and for the meaningful gifts that will be cherished forever.


Umar Mulinde, 38, arrived in Israel on Jan. 5 for emergency medical treatment at Tel Aviv’s Sheba Medical Center following an acid attack that severely burned his face and torso and damaged his right eye.

The attackers shouted “Allah Akbar” (Allah is greater) after pouring acid on Mulinde in Kampala, Uganda. Mulinde converted to Christianity after spending much of his life as a Muslim.

After determining that he needed more advanced treatment for his injuries than the hospital in Uganda could provide, Mulinde contacted Executive Director Andrea Gottlieb of Philadelphia for financial and logistical help.


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Mulinde had learned about Israel through, an online portal for Jewish distance learning. He then taught the courses in his church and to neighboring ministers, and organized a 5,000-person teach-in about Israel at a local stadium.

Our prayers go out to Umar Mulinde – a Ugandan supporter of Israel who was attacked for teaching his beliefs. Mulinde was flown to Israel for emergency medical care and is now recuperating at a Tel Aviv hospital.


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