VICTORIA TAFT: The Clackamas County Rebellion Claims Three Lake Oswego City Officials–Including the Mayor

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Clackamas County Rebellion Claims Three Lake Oswego City Officials–Including the Mayor

The Clackamas County Rebellion is in full flow.

Unaffiliated concerned citizens, members of Americans for Prosperity and Oregon 9/12  have engaged in a high intensity push back on big ticket transportation and planning items that they believe will gut their pristine county, grow crime, and leave taxpayers tapped out. They’re sick of it.

They’ve told Clackamas County Commissioners and Lake Oswego Council members to knock it off and get out and the street car you rode in on. 

They’ve pushed back and threatened to run candidates against at least three of the Lake Oswego Council members–including the mayor–for ignoring the will of the people and going forward with plans to build a street car.

Yesterday the Mayor, City Manager and one council member said they were leaving.  Good. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Perhaps the turning point for these folks was news that a meeting of pissed off Clackamas County voters drew approximately 250 people in Milwaukie Monday night–demonstrating the movement is continuing to grow.  Political consultants are now involved.

People who don’t want their city gutted with Crime Met light rail and street cars are fighting back.  They have rebuffed the Professional Planner Class who want their light rail coming to Milwaukie bringing their beatings with it.

Milwaukie Light Rail. 250+ people gather at the Milwaukie Elks Club to kick off the “push back” on Milwaukie light rail. This is the beginning of taking back our County. People who are being burdened with this confiscatory debt insist on having a vote. IT’s too big to let the Deep Green commissioners decide for us. They’ve clearly shown they are working hard to overcome the will of the people.

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