Public School Spending. “Officials” vs. “Some Critics”

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Wall Street Journal story does not provide readers any measure of student achievement that would allow them to determine who is right. Let’s see if we can help out.

Bill McKee‘s insight:

I’m wondering what "officials" think is "enough" taxpayer money is needed to "educate" today’s students.  As this report shows, since 1970, total costs to educate a child k-12 was $57,602 in 1970.  in 2010 that cost increased to $164,426 per child.  (In constant 2013 dollars-to adjust for inflation).   So REAL costs have increased more than 180%!   Government employees in these schools has increased almost 100%.  Enrollment has increased less than 10%.  Test scores.. after all this time, money, and additional staff…have remained almost costant.. science declining a bit.


Clearly, a "lack of money" is NOT the problem. Nor is there a lack of employees servicing the enrolled population.


There is no real accountability.  Rather than a service that provides skilled educators and rigorous standards, government education has become a very high cost baby sitting service… where the baby sitters are being paid very handsomely for what they do.

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