Anti-Muslim Speech and Consequences | RedState

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The threat by US Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, Bill Killian, to punish anti-Muslim sentiments expressed on social media are not the actions of a rogue US Attorney anymore than 90 rogue IRS employees targeted conservatives.

Bill McKee‘s insight:

Now the Obama government threatens Americans who dare say things that are deemed "offensive" to Muslims.  Say what?  The purpose of the 1st ammendment was to protect freedom of speech.. including what someone might deem "offensive".  Here’s the deal.. who determines what is "offensive"?   Reporting factual matters.. on events, plans, and behavior by Muslims will always be deemed "offensive" by Muslims. It is part of the cultural custom.  This ideology includes the dictum to be forever be in a state of war against the infidel (jihad).   Being offended is a perpetual byproduct of this constant effort to apply jihad against all who have not yet been subdued,  It is a "religious" duty in Islam.  Many American’s simply choose to be willfully ignorant of the history and the worldwide atrocities commited against innocent people under the cover of "religious duty".

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