Blog: White House has known for months that Obamacare won’t work

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Some crackerjack reporting by National Journal’s Margot Sanger-Katz, who details what the White House has been doing to try and implement Obamacare.

Basically, they are stealthily streamlining the legislation, ignoring some provisions, delaying others, and generally trying to avoid a complete, chaotic, disaster.

In short: It’s far worse than you can possibly imagine.  continued…

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Bill McKee‘s insight:

Statism, Obama style.  This compulsion to build complexity on top of complexity is simply an extension of the sort of mind that will never, ever understand or accept that.. simpler is often times more efficient, less costly, able to quickly adapt as needed… But complexity is a Bureaucratic dream come true!  It offers “meaning” and “purpose” to the mindless busybody who will never tire of telling other people what choices they must make, when to make them, how to make them.. down to the tiniest detail.  This is where Obamatypes thrive and find meaning.

It’s a pathetic life, that spreads decay and corruption into every nook and cranny of society.

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