New York librarian fired after defending child who dominated reading contest

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A librarian in upstate New York says she believes she was fired over comments she made in support of a student who dominated a reading competition for five consecutive years, The Post Star reported.

Bill McKee‘s insight:

What is the message?  Clearly, supporting excellence will NOT be tolerated.. we must all be average.. and should anyone dare to strive for excellence, off with their head!  And off with the head of anyone who disagrees with with this policy.


Really, there is a group within America that worship mediocrity at all costs.. I can only guess that they grew up in a world where they want everting "easy".. and when others work hard to excell.. they resent it deeply.  Think of it as a union member thinks.. It won’t do any good to "do better".. I won’t get paid more.  I won’t have any more security. Why put in that extra effort.. and if someone else does, we need to drag him/her down to show others there are negative consequences for working harder than "average".


Firing this librarian is a pathetic example of Americas dash to the bottom.

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