Articles: The Marxist Heart of Darkness

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“..Hatred is helped when people are in pain, so creating gratuitous misery is a goal of Marxism.  A key maxim of Marxism is “The worse, the better.”  The Soviets were not bashful about announcing what they wanted: “The misery and oppression of the masses must be intensified to an extraordinary degree” (Sixth Party Congress of the International at Moscow).  Knickbocker, in his 1941 book about totalitarianism in Europe, observed: “Even before the war, in both Germany and Russia, the omnipotent, omnivorous State had devoured all but a vestige of happiness.  As the two regimes of hatred went forward along their respective paths each lost gradually even the desire to promote the happiness of anyone, even of its own people” (Is Tomorrow Hitler’s?, Knickerbocker).

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Bill McKee‘s insight:

Hatred, conflict, pain.  The cornerstone elements of Obama and his minions.  Not the first time this abuse of power has been applied.

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