New Obamacare Report: The Nightmare Has Just Begun

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Conservatives don’t just oppose Obamacare as a matter of policy – we oppose it as a matter of principle. The federal government was not designed to function as a central planner for any segment of the U.S.

Bill McKee‘s insight:

Massive Central Planning in the failed Soviet Union created massive shortages .. and over abundance of other "stuff" that no one wanted. The "Planners" claiimed to be highly trained, intellectually superior decision makers.  


How often must this failed "system" of elitism impale a population before it’s discarded to the dustbin of history?   Obama’s mission is to sweep America into that very same dustbin, using the same failed central planning idea that permeates Marxism.   Cental Command and Control is an extremely costly "economic" policy and to keep it going will require forced labor at some point.   

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