Meet the Poster Child for ‘White Privilege’ – Then Have Your Mind Blown

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He’s 20, he’s white, and he’s a freshman at Princeton University. According to the ethnic and feminist studies college students and professors who frequently and vehemently complain that this country is steeped in racism and sexism and is only fair

Bill McKee‘s insight:

Marxist inspired elites show us exactly what prejudice looks like.. while they claim to be superior.  You see, Marxism has no room for the individual. People are diminished and pigeon holed into "classes". Then the group they are assigned are the objects of their disdain and disrespect.. just as you would expect from any self described Marxist.  

This story illustrates how truly racist remarks and attitudes permeate liberal circles.  There’s is a cess pool of destructive thought, words, and actions with no goal in mind, aside from projecting their insecurities and hateful attitudes onto groups, while avoiding knowing anything about an individual that seems to be the cause of their angst.  What bitter little people.


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