#Ferguson: Ochlocracy (Mob Rule) in Action

By: Brent Parrish The Right Planet Our Founders called it “mobocracy.” And mobocracy is synonymous with democracy. But isn’t democracy synonymous with freedom? No! Not unless one defines “freedom” as mob rule. It might surprise some to learn the United States is not a democracy. Article 4, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution clearly states […]

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Hidden from today’s American government school students…."

The Founders warned, from the very beginning, that pure democracy is one of the worst forms of government that exists. Pure democracy is simply the rule of the majority, i.e. mob rule. But a constitutional republic is based on the rule of law, which protects both the majority and the individual.

“Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half of the time.”

—E.B. White

The term “democracy” does not appear anywhere in the U.S. Constitution, or the Declaration of Independence, or in any State constitution."

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