After Booing Ted Cruz for Supporting Israel, Christian Leaders Meet with and Praise Obama

An email press release for In Defense of Christians (IDC), an organization that convened a three-day summit in Washington D.C. reportedly dedicated to bringing awareness to the persecution of Christians in the MidEast, states that five patriarchs from the conference—many of whom have been supporters of Hezbollah—met with President Obama at the White House just hours after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was booed during his keynote address for his public support of Israel.


These are hardly "Christians" in the sense we share.  They are tools for the Prince of Darkness.  


"… As Breitbart News reported earlier Thursday, since this incident involving Cruz, funding for the IDC summit has been revealed to have come from Gilbert Chagoury, who pledged $1 billion to the Clinton Global Initiative in 2009. Additionally, some of the Christian leaders present and featured at the conference—and who later met with Obama—are supporters of Hezbollah."


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