Articles: To Revive a Phoenix

Having become a post-constitutional people because our intellectual grandees have rejected the endowment of our first principles has led to the downfall of our American character. By offering “strange fire” on our civic altars in the forms of Marxism, Hegelianism, and every other misbegotten strain of individual and egalitarian dogma foreign to our heritage, these dwarves have bestowed a Judas Kiss betraying the idea of America. If only they had looked with our father’s eyes, would they not have reflected upon the Aristotelian circularity encompassing the American regime? In truth, the best legislation proceeds from enlightened men cultivating a system of laws consistent with nature and proffered with a view towards moral and civic uplift: the veritable good regime reclaimed from antiquity. Moreover, wise and prudent governance so habituates each generation to cherish those laws that promote civic friendship. And so the wheel spins — good men, good laws; good laws, good men….


Post Constitutional America.. Must we endure the decline yet again?  Have we forgotten the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire and foolishly turn our back on what made America become the beacon of freedom in a very dark world?  Must we offer our children as sacrifices to pay for the indulgences and glorification of sinful pursuits? 

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