Top 7 Wackiest Examples of Wasteful Government Spending from Wastebook 2014

Rabbit massages, laughing classes, and watching the grass grow–these are just a few examples of where your tax dollars went this year. During a time… Read More


Government, left uncritically examined, tends to attract corruption from every side… Our enemy is large, self centered government.   Of course, to those organizations and individuals who form cozy insider alliances with big government disagree!  Follow the money.  Big government is easy pickings for corruption.. after all, government collects money at the point of a gun.. and turns around and favors "friends" with contracts, grants, and special no competitive bid "purchases" that often are not just grossly waste filled, but often thinly disguised payola.  


Here are a few instances of big government’s waste of your hard earned money. 

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