Articles: Climate Reporting Chaos in Oregon

Portland Tribune chortles, ” Apparently, climate change in Oregon will lead to “less snow on Mount Hood? [but] we can live with that.” Interesting, given how there has been no significant trend in maximum overwinter snowpack on Mount Hood since records began in 1981. Indeed, according to an article in 2012 at ABC News Cleveland, snowpack in the Cascade Mountains has been increasing since the mid-1970s.


You know… the folks who earn a very comfortable living off government financed effort to fight "global warming" just ignore the facts and make money from the hard working taxpayers who .. at least in Oregon, are flogged if they hint that the "science" seems quite "brittle" when one compares the actual record vs. the outrageous claims made.   It really is that simple. 

See on Scoop.itEconomicFactors


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