Study Saul Alinsky to understand Barack Obama |

Second in a two-part series.There is a vast and perplexing dichotomy between President Obama’s rhetoric — peppered as it is with vows of ethical purity and moral rectitude — and his actual conduct as president — characterized by flagrant cronyism and corruption.Indeed, this dichotomy only makes sense in context of Obama’s knowledge of, and affinity for, the theories of radical community-organizer Saul Alinsky.Born in Chicago to Russia-immigrant parents in Chicago in 1909, Alinsky studied social sciences at the University of Chicago before dropping out of grad school.Attracted to a variety of left-wing causes, Alinsky began organizing for the labor movement before moving on to organizing communities in the slums of Chicago.


Not long before he died in 1972, Saul Alinsky sat down with Playboy Magazine for an interview. At one point, the topic of Alinsky’s involvement with the Chicago mob came up.

Alinsky’s response makes clear his high regard for the Mob, including for the murderous Al Capone, who he described as “in a way a public benefactor.”

Alinsky also acknowledged that he “learned a hell of a lot about the uses and abuses of power from the mob,” and that he applied those lessons “later on, when I was organizing.”

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