Senator Doug Whitsett’s Newsletter

…The governor’s proposed budget gives a very clear indication of what to expect throughout the upcoming legislative session. An additional estimated $1.8 billion will be available to spend on state government programs for the next two years. His proposed budgets virtually spends it all. I anticipate that there will be no shortage of special interests lining up to ensure that those dollars will be steered in their direction, instead of into a rainy day fund or returned to the taxpayers who provided them in the first place…


Senator describes the consequences ahead for Oregonians.. the result of electing a supermajority of democrats as "lawmakers".. who are extremely anxious to burden citizens with new and higher taxes .. to enrich political patrons and other cronies, at the expense of the most productive citizens in the state.   Bad policies that reduce jobs, increase costs, and distort reality will surely be hailed as "new thought".. Hardly.   The State will increase it’s determination to reduce liberty and impose all manner of Statist control and imperial rule to bear on the serfs.

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