Why ‘climate change’ will not be on our 2015 editorial agenda: Editorial

We asked readers last month to help us choose the six or seven topics that will constitute our 2015 editorial agenda. Readers responded with scores of online comments and dozens of emails and letters to the editor, many of which…

Source: www.oregonlive.com

Even ultra liberal Oregonian editors can’t choke down man made global warming anymore.  That’s saying something.   Long time advocates for anything that smells of ultra liberalism have simply looked at the facts and decided this fraud is simply not going to fly much longer.. and dismiss their lack of interest is because it’s a national / global issue.  As if that stops them on any other nonsense they editorialize on?  If you have any respect for truth, it’s impossible to rely on the "editorial board" of the Oregonian to provide it. 

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