The Five Ways Oregon Democrats May Want to Raise Your Taxes

Lawmakers convened in Salem on Jan. 12 to attend Gov. John Kitzhaber’s inaugural address and start the business of making new laws. Many states saw Democrats wiped out in the 2014 election,Politics


Statism seems to have found a VERY friendly partner in Oregon.. the Democratic Party.  Extracting money from citizens is a FAVORITE past time for the Democratic party.. and now that they own a super majority in Oregon politics, there is no effective defense to the coming assault on citizens income and wealth and the concentration of that funnel of wealth into all sorts of special interests that feel entitled to the plunder. Democrats will show just how far they will go to reward their sponsors, and strip income from those they consider their "enemies".  They won’t articulate it that way of course, the actions always speak louder than mere words. 

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