Birth Tourism Industry Accelerating

For the last several years most of the attention to federal immigration policy has been focused on the border, and on lax interior enforcement. But another insidious problem has accelerated, and promises to worsen for as long as it goes unattended…


Another example of abuse… In the progressive world, the USA is regarded as a place to obtain "free stuff".  The perpetual piggy bank where the progressive worldview roosts and is constantly looking for ways to abuse the hard working citizens to gain favor with the world’s vast numbers of parasites.  We have allowed the parasites to pillage the goose that lays (laid) the golden eggs.  Soon, the parasites will overcome the goose.  That is how socialism kills itself.. from man’s desire to obtain material wants from the labor, skills, earnings and savings that OTHER people worked to generate.  After awhile, the system implodes because it’s clear that hard work offers no reward.  The slacker worldview comes to dominate…and the society declines.

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