The Root Of Communism Is Self-Hatred

“What kind of man accepts a bailout, much less demands one? This sort of parasite should scurry day and night without imagining that he has a shred of dignity or pride, because he deserves none. Do you have any pride, knowing that your whole existence was made possible by others? I know what you desperate thieves are, and that it’s self-hatred and jealousy that drives you. I know, that you know, that deep down you are a defective, frightened, evil little bitch who’s incapable of surviving on this planet without aid from your betters. I know that you yearn to see those more capable and successful than you fail; I know that is the root motivation for your every vote, policy, and action. But just so you know, I am onto your pathetic scam, and I take it personally. I think those who support stealing my wealth and limiting my freedoms are the lowest scum imaginable, and better off dead… just so you know.”


Pretty much describes the Communist worldview..

See on Scoop.itEconomicFactors


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