Democrat State Auditor Indicted On Tax Fraud – Progressives Today

Troy X. Kelley, Washington state Auditor, has been indicted on 10 counts of tax fraud, and is being prosecuted by …


Government corruption on the West Coast shows that Porgressive ideology drives everything.  Dems have controlled Oregon for decades and this session we will pay dearly for it.  Gazing to the North into Washington, Progressives there show the same proclivity to lie, cheat and steal.  What’s truly amazing .. the feds needed to bring charges against this notorious thief… the democratic controlled "justice" system in Washington just didn’t find anything wrong with the way this fellow cheated citizens for years… The State Auditor disgraced his State, his family, his office and those who entrusted him with their business.  Not sure if this is considered a "bad mark" among democrats, … but I suppose it does.. because he got caught. 

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