Why I once liked Common Core but changed my mind — one principal’s view

The first of a series of letters between principals on opposing sides of the Core: ” I am truly worried that we may lose an entire generation of students.’

Source: www.washingtonpost.com

Government indoctrination in America.. "public schools".. attract a LOT of interest by corporations who generate enormous earnings by selling books, courses, and assorted "testing" programs.. among a host of other services.  Common Core is a magnet for money.. but also for foreign countries who "buy" their way in.  History has been revised in an attempt to discredit America’s rich history and make preposterous claims by Muslim interests (Saudi Arabia has bought it’s way not only into Universities, but into common core as well).  


Common Core is a cruel and empty headed attempt at a lot of things, but mostly it’s a money generator for special interests and a tool for political influence.



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