Howard Dean Crashes And Burns Defending Hillary on “Morning Joe”; Accuses New York Times Of “Substituting Judgement For News”

Former DNC head Howard Dean defends Hillary Clinton from corruption reports published in the New York Times by saying “the author is getting money from donors.” The MSNBC panelists are shocked at the transparency of his hypocrisy.

HOWARD DEAN: This is the problem here.

I’m not going to accuse the New York Times of having bias here — they do, everyone has bias, but the author is getting money from donors — big donors who support Ted Cruz. That has a problem.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You’re going after the author?

HOWARD DEAN: That’s a fact.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: That has nothing to do with it. The NYT, Newsweek, other publications are following these leads. You’re trying to trace it back to an author.

You’re actually going to have to condemn the New York Times, Joe Becker and Mike McIntyre, they’re the ones that wrote this story.

HOWARD DEAN: I use the New York Times as an example in journalism classes because by the fifth paragraph in any political story.

You can probably find one right here, whatever the political story is, by the fifth paragraph they’re substituting their judgement for news.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Howard, I consider you a good friend of mine, I think it is unbecoming for you to come on this show, and to just reflexively attack everybody that tries to bring up any information that goes against what you want people to hear…

HOWARD DEAN: There are plenty of people who write for the New York Times and every other paper that I think are incredibly sloppy, and I could name a lot of them. Including some well-known correspondents on various networks, some of whom carried this story who basically put up stuff–

I have been threatened by reporters, they were going to run a story that they knew wasn’t true and I knew wasn’t true unless they produced evidence to prove it wasn’t true. That’s what you learn when you run for president…

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Do you think that Bill Clinton should take $500,000 from a speech in Moscow while all these other dealings are going on? And While Hillary Clinton is Sec. of State?

HOWARD DEAN: I don’t know the circumstances. I have no idea.

MIKA: Come on!


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