Feds Panic on Mass Common Core Test Refusals, Threaten Reprisals

Public resistance to Common Core is exploding across America, and officials are not happy about it. by Alex Newman

Source: www.thenewamerican.com

Massive central government resorts to compulsion when their argument fails.  Common Core is another example supporting the notion that Central planning and control is not just enormously expensive and slow to react to changing reality, it attracts a type of " " " I know what’s best for you" crowd of people who, when feeling their ideas and plans are losing the argument, resort to compulsion and abuse of power.  


Local CONTROL of education puts school and teacher accountability in the hands of Parents.. heaven forbid!  Local CONTROL offers far better outcomes for students than our current system.. which is and has been a well recognized failure.  Common Core is simply a money making scheme primarily.. for unions, large publishing houses, testing "services", and therefore the source of immense lobbying by special interests that give lip service to the actual delivery of quality education. 


It’s time to refocus on Local control of education and restore our once highly regarded system of education.. and take it away from the clutches of those who have spent decades trying to turn our schools into money machines for unions, politicians, and government bureaucrats. 

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