Oregon School District Drops $100K YEARLY On White Privilege Conference

Taxpayers in the Gresham-Barlow school district in the tranquil suburbs of Portland, Ore. spend approximately $100,000 annually on a white privilege conference, according to EAGnews.org. The week-l

Sourced through Scoop.it from: dailycaller.com

Progressives have destroyed educational excellence in Oregon.  A generation ago, Oregon produced excellent students.. the vast majority who graduated Hi School.  But last year, Oregon’s graduation rate was lowest in the nation.  WHY?


White Privilege.  The Progressive Indoctrination system that best describes what was once a highly regarded public school system, has overcome all reasonable standards of excellence and decency.. and now invest time, money and attention on far left political agenda.. determined to indoctrinate Oregon students in the far left world of nonsense, self loathing, and inattention to scholastic excellence.  Plenty of lip service of course.. but the results simply cannot be denied. 


Oregon has truly become the "Appalachia of the West".  This article gives just ONE example why that is.  Left lurching politics is the drivel that drives government education today in Oregon.

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