Environmental Conservation Based on Individual Liberty and Economic Freedom

America’s environmental laws have strayed far from their ostensible purposes and impose undue and immense costs on Americans.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.heritage.org

Oregon Democrat led government detests solutions to problems, including issues dealing with conservation, that encourage private innovation.  Democrats have a built in knee jerk approach to problem solving that has proven to be first.. counter productive or ineffective. They always require massive new bureaucracies that ignore cost/benefits considerations.  Finally, any "problem" identified seems to require the productive members of the society to pay taxes to simply support the destructive bureaucracies, regulations, and policies that aim to expand the domination of government over all people.  There is very little true contribution by these agencies.. but they do burden the economy so that ALL citizens have reduced resources to care for their families, expand their businesses, or save for the future. 

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