Ore. Silences Bakers Who Refused to Make Cake for Lesbians

They are no longer legally allowed to speak out.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: dailysignal.com

Avakian’s primary support?  He’s always been an aggressive member of the Gay Mafia.  In 2012,  the gay rights association, euphomistically self described as "Basic Rights Oregon"… wrote on their site,  "Basic Rights Education Fund is proud to honor Brad Avakian with the Equality Advocate Award in recognition of his leadership to advance equality for gay and transgender Oregonians! "

He has long worked glove in hand with the Gay Mafia to impose this draconian effort to destroy people with traditional, Christian values.  It goes to the heart of why he had done all he can do to destroy a respected, honest, and productive member of the community order to intimidate anyone who declines the demand to participate in a Gay festivity that runs counter to their deeply held religious convictions.  Avakian says your conviction be damned… Homosexual feelings trump anything and everything.  And we will destroy you for declining to participate. 

Once he destroys their business, and bankrupts them, he then demands they not talk about it.  N. Koreans are used to this kind of tyranny.. Oregon’s are only now becoming aware that even some politicians in America are drawn to this heady power like moths to a candle. 

Welcome to the Totalitarian rule of law that Democrats in are determined to impose on those who have done nothing but try to live decent, productive lives, in a manner that is held in high esteem, except for those who demand approval and acceptance and worship at the alter of sexual sin. 

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