U.S. Murder Rate Plunges as Guns in Public Proliferate

As the number of Americans carrying concealed firearms has exploded in recent years, the murder rates and violent crime have plunged dramatically. by Alex Newman

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Politically Incorrect disclosure of facts.   This is not good, from the perspective of a lunatic Leftist. 

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Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Forced ‘Residential Diversity’

In the Obama administration’s quest to bring about “racial and economic justice,” it has launched what the NY Post is calling an “unprecedented collection of sensitive data on Americans by race.” One of goals of this data collection is to use it for legal grounds to impose “residential diversity” that would force municipalities to bring people of different economic levels and races together. 

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Always the  Alinsky "Community Organizer", Obama embraces the tactics referred to as "Cultural Marxism".  Alinsky was a self described communist and Obama and friends deemed him a Mentor for how to best "organize" the sheep to destroy culture and create systems for destroying social structures.  This recent proclamation is nothing but the same Marxist driven effort to create conflict.  Nothing more. 

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Congressional, state investigations into Planned Parenthood underway after undercover video goes viral

A House committee and the governors of Texas and Louisiana are investigating following allegations that the group sells fetal organs.

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Can there be anything more ghoulish than panning the murder of an otherwise healthy child in such a way as to make the desired organs available for harvest?


Sorry.. this organization was founded by a self proclaimed racist and eugenics monster… and continues to thrive on the death, mutilation and profiteering from the sale of human body parts.  


Have we degenerated into a society that yearns to emulate NAZI Germany with regard to the sanctity of  life?

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BREAKING: Undercover video catches Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts from abortions

‘They just want to do it in a way that is not perceived as, ‘The clinic is selling tissue. This clinic is making money off of this.”

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This goes to the essence of the practice of killing unborn babies. An entire industry has built it’s "fortune" by killing the unborn… and not just from the executions.   They wantonly sell baby’s organs and limbs for cash.. without blinking an eye in shame or regret. 


For many in America, money trumps everything..  What has come of America’s Christian ethic.. to love one another? 


Is there anything more disgusting than being part of a "business" that thrives on killing babies and selling their organs and other parts? 

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Oregon’s elected officials need to take a stand on secret sex changes for minors

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Oregon’s democratic legislature, among other social engineering efforts, made a new law designed to advance the idea that minors as young as 15 years old may obtain "sex change" operations without the knowledge or consent of the minor’s parents.  State gladly will pay for the "re assignment".   Bisexual Governor and Lesbian House Speaker are delighted. 


It is an obscene "law" that is designed to advance queer "rights" in ways that are not just stunningly opposed to parents rights and family privacy…it is an aggressive effort to use the power of Government to expand into areas it should not be allowed to be.  Where does this social engineering effort end?  The Soviet Union was all about Social Engineering.. Maoist China, as well.  

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The Root Cause of Greece’s Problems: Socialism

If Greece doesn’t wish to become a vassal of the EU, a successful exit will require character and determination to throw off its disastrous socialist policies. By Bob Adelmann

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Socialism unmasked.  When your earnings can’t pay for the debt you run up to pay for goodies you can’t afford.. Socialism turns very ugly. 

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Erik Seligman on the Hillsboro School Board

Oregon “Education”.  Hi School graduation rates n Oregon have declined to the declined to the LOWEST in the nation.  Oregon education elites want to combat this.. so they have introduced “Critical Race Theory”… to inculcate the proposition that All White People Are Racists. 


It is a particularly pernicious Marxist idea of course, which makes it perfectly suited for Oregon’s government education system. 

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All Whites Are Racists.  


There, that should immediately increase the performance of Oregon students when compared with other students across the nation.  It’s the Oregon Way. 

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Sorry, Slate: Oregon Did ‘Gag’ Those Christian Bakers

Here are the facts.

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Oregon liberals, Avakian being one of the most rabid, demand submission to the Gay Mafia agenda: Acceptance, approval and "celebration" of Homosexual  behavior  which afflicts 3-4% of the general population.   In the liberal worldview, there is no such thing as "sin". Since there is no sin, acceptable behavior is based soley on the whim of government.  Ever changing, ever subjective, and always totalitarian in it’s spirit. 



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