Former UN General Assembly Boss Arrested for Corruption

…According to the criminal complaint unsealed in federal court last week, Ashe had been soliciting bribes from Chinese “businesspeople” to influence actions of the UN since about 2011. He also solicited and received bribes while serving as the UN ambassador from Antigua and as chief of the UN General Assembly — an autocrat-dominated outfit that globalists and dictatorships around the world hope to empower as a sort of veto-proof legislature ruling over all of humanity, or an “emblem of global sovereignty,” as a coalition of more than 130 regimes recently put it while calling for a “New World Order.” Ashe served as UN General Assembly president until last year.  

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The U.N. is a deeply corrupted network that thrives on kickbacks, bribes, and is shielded by the abuse of "diplomatic immunity".. which essentially is treated as a free pass for high crimes of all types. 

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