’s Editor-in-Chief Terence Jeffrey Warns of US Deficits, Debt and Gov’t Expansion’s Editor-in-Chief Terence P. Jeffrey appeared on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto on Friday to discuss “what seems like an inevitable financial crisis.”

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US Debt.  For the most part, our Congress has ignored the clear and present danger that the ramifications of our National Debt . Politicians are afraid to make hard choices .. reduce deficit spending SUBSTANTIALLY.. for fear they will not be re-elected.  Government has been sold to the current crop of low information voters as a kind of limitless source of goodies.  Most people understand what "deficit spending" does to a household budget, but forget all about consequences of massive debt when it’s "shared debt".   


This ignorance is calculated… a product of the dominant  "liberal" nonsense passed off as "education" in today’s America. 

See on Scoop.itEconomicFactors


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