See How NPR Hacks Up Testy Interview with Ted Cruz

NPR Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep is a big fan of President Obama, and when he interviews him, he helpfully sets him up. In a recent interview on race relations, Inskeep added little prompts instead of questions. That’s not what Ted Cruz received on Wednesday’s show. Inskeep was blunt when discussing the new Trump idea of banning Muslims from entering America: “Which Muslims do you want to keep out of the United States?” NPR posted the full transcript online. What that demonstrated was that NPR and Inskeep routinely sliced out (for time and surely, for political convenience) Cruz whacking away at Democrats and explaining what’s wrong with Islamism.

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Notice the selective editing performed by the backroom hacks at NPR?  Compare the unedited version of the talk with edited.  Why do you suppose the hacks at NPR were afraid to accurately and fully publish the interview?  


The reason is clear.  Cruz pulled back the curtain of deceit.  NPR will nave none of that!  There is a narrative that must be protected, even if it means wholesale editing of facts that destroy that narrative..


This is what taxpayers pay for under the Obama administration.

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