SMASHED WINDOWS AND DEATH THREATS: Liberal Couple Reveals Horrific Experience After Opening Up Farm To Muslim “Refugees” »

These “Good Samaritans” bit off a little more than they could chew. Maybe next time they’ll think twice about helping people who have no intention of assimilating or becoming part of a community.

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Westerners are so naive.  One of the problems with Westerners when attempting to "relate" to Muslims is the mistaken notion that Judeo Christian values westerners hold (even those who deny Christ) are foreign to Muslims.  They have been taught for centuries that Non Muslims are infidels who are subhuman.  They treat people from the West through the lens of a completely different set of "morals" and values.  This couple learned the lesson … having been unable or unwilling to do their homework…thinking their goodwill would be appreciated and ‘honored".  This ideology is one of superiority… they enslave their own people, then turn to neighbors to enslave and dominate them… and continues a centuries old pattern of brutality, hate, and pillaging.

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