60 minute reporter, SELINA SCOTT, reveals how Donald Trump failed to seduce her

There were many revealing moments during the time I spent with Trump while making a profile of him for ITV , it started with charm but ended in bitterness, writes SELINA SCOTT.

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Trump’s behavior and insults are certainly nothing new.  Is this truly what now passes as "Presidential" today?   


In his own words, he has shown himself to be a pride filled egomaniac.  He claims to have bought off politicians in order to "make a deal".  Anyone who disagrees with him is immediately labeled as fat, ignorant, a "loser", and more.  He has used government’s abuse of power to force government to take personal property to sell to him in order to satisfy his needs to "cut a deal".  


He is unprincipled. He claims to be "very pro choice", until just a short time ago. Late term abortion?  Sure.. his sister, a retired judge, was among the most pro abortion judges around.. and he claims she would be a terrific Justice… 


I don’t have time to go into more.. but the point is, his history proves he is an opportunist… His principles are flexible to say the least.  


There are several better choices to lead America out of the cess pool created over the past 7 years. 

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Kotek vs. McLane on min. wage : Video worth watching before legislative session

If the tension between Democratic House Speaker Tina Kotek Portland and Republican House Minority Leader Mike McLane Powell Butte during last week’s AP legislative preview is any indication of what’s to come when the short 35-day legislative session kicks

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Leftist "Democracy" in Oregon.called out for what it has become.  The State legislature has become a place where the left decides "policy" by debating the far left, behind closed doors.


Dem. Kotek’s smug and petulant behavior in this short clip shows just how unaccountable she and her like truly are. 


McLane shed light on this horrible state of affairs .. I’m surprised the KATU staff allowed this to be released.

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NYPD to Purge Anti-Terrorism Material Offensive to Muslims – Judicial Watch

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is the latest of several law enforcement agencies—including the FBI—to succumb to the pressure of Islamic groups demanding changes in anti-terrorism investigations and training they claim discriminate against Muslims. As part of a court settlement announced this month the NYPD will purge a highly acclaimed report (Radicalization in theRead the full post

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New York has become the poster child of cowardliness.   Read this article to find out how Alinsky tactics have cowed the NYPD into a corner, knees shaking, should they dare perform actual police work in the war on terror.  It’s a pathetic example of how the average American cowers when told they are being politically incorrect.  What a nation of weenies we have become.  Decades of Alinsky dogmatism has generated a nation of neutered males, who seem to be desperate to replace their masculine identity with some odd feminine identity.. tin some vain effort to condone their cowardliness?  I don’t get it. 

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Portland Public Schools Spends $11,000 for a Spreadsheet

The district spent more than &u0024;11,000 last year on a nine-page spreadsheet, which analyzed voting results by precinct in four recent PPS bond or levy elections.

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Talk about easy money!!  "Education" has become a huge taxpayer funded source of graft.. take a close look at the "services" the school district pays for.. and the actual cost.  Taxpayers are being played for fools.  

Be sure to look at the link on this article that shows all the other expenses : http://portlandtribune.com/documents/artdocs/00003530536952.pdf

$20000 for a 9 page website, $22500 which went 300% over initial bid for a staff review – the list goes on and on.

Keep these crazy decisions and expenses in mind when its time to vote for the next education bonds.

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HIDDEN CAM: Gun Show “Loophole” Exposed!

Buzz words like the “gun show loophole” seem to be all the rage these days. But is there any truth to it at all? Does the myth hold water? We go undercover t…

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Liberals all across America expose their utterly clueless understanding of even the most basic laws relating to sales of firearms.  But, they keep repeating their ignorance on a daily basis as if they were authorities.


These people are elected "representatives" who, on a regular and consistent basis, can be counted on to remain willfully ignorant, or willfully misleading, when it comes to matters of factual representations. 


Remember this the next time you are given the chance to vote for anyone who shows their ignorance with this kind of recklessness and willingness to lie about such a simple thing to prove wrong. 

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Was LaVoy Finicum Shot w/Hands in the Air? Eye Witness Audio Testimony Here…

This is breaking, first-hand, eyewitness audio testimony of one person’s perspective on what happened to LaVoy Finicum on January 26, 2016. The witness you’r…

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Occupiers in city of Portland destroyed property, assaulted passersby, stopped traffic, dealt drugs, and camped on federal property for weeks.  


City provided these vermin free accommodations, meals, health services, and more. 


But these men who are trying to bring attention to tyranny by an overzealous government are deemed "terrorists"?   Then they kill an unarmed man who surrendered with his arms in the air?  


Is this the new normal for America? 

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