Judicial Watch Uncovers New State Department Records Confirming Arab Smuggling “Cells,” Al Qaeda Leader in Mexico. – Judicial Watch

For more than a decade the U.S. government has known that “Arab extremists” are entering the country through Mexico with the assistance of smuggling network “cells,” according to State Department documents obtained by Judicial Watch that reveal among them was a top Al Qaeda operative wanted by the FBI. Some Mexican smuggling networks actually specializeRead the full post

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.judicialwatch.org

Seriously, do you still have any faith in Obama’s "Homeland Security"?  

Obama’s regime consistently insists we have no problem with border infiltration by Islamic terrorists whose only aim is to attack US citizens.  


Oops.. Obama’s minions are caught lying AGAIN.  There own internal documents convict them.  Not only are they actively suppressing the facts, they are actively assisting terrorist in their  border crossings by looking the other way, and publicly claiming there aren’t any threats.. 


Why would an administration lie and assist self proclaimed Jihadi’s?  Is this incompetence, or a confirmation of the  willful desire to stand by the Islamic terrorists in their assault on America?  

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