Portland, Oregon’s $14.50 Minimum Wage Will Hurt Workers It’s Supposed to Help

Good intentions can produce terrible results. Recently the Oregon legislature passed an unprecedented minimum wage hike in effort to help workers within their state, but the legislation will hurt the workers it’s supposed to help.

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Oregon lawmakers.. rather, Democrat lawmakers…. insist that their "good intentions" are good for Oregon’s lowest wage earners and small businesses..  The result of those good intentions was to raise "minimum wage levels" across the State, making feel good "minimum" wages the highest in the nation.  They claim such across the board increase will not lead to reduced job opportunities or business closures. 


Clearly, Democrats skipped basic economics in high school…and make decisions after analysis worthy of a high school freshman (not intending to diss on freshman, only to point out the shallow thinking involved in their "analysis").

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Shapiro Speech At Cal State Marred By Blockaded Doors, Fire Alarm

California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) was an ideological war zone Thursday afternoon, as students blockaded the doors and yanked a fire alarm in an

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College "students" embrace fascism on Los Angeles campus (Cal State).  Silencing opponents who espouse freedom of speech  reinforces the observed facts.. the totalitarian Left here shows how  craven and desperate they have become. 

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Next Time Someone Defends Bernie and Hillary’s Free Stuff, Show Them This Epic Response!

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton like to get in front of America and talk about all of the “free” things they are going to give out to help Americans, but the

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Free stuff?  Really?  


Let’s have a grown up conversation.  You know, the sort of thing that is no longer tolerated in government schools throughout America.


D’Souza explains the problem of "Free Stuff" and outrageous college costs in a way that even most government school student’s can follow.. 

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Why Is Oregon’s High School Graduation Rate So Low?

OPB talked with a wide-range of Oregonians — from a parent to the governor — to explore why the state’s graduation rate is so low.

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In Oregon, young people are clearly putting off adult "maturity", even though they produce offspring, they have decided to also put off the responsibility to prepare their children for school.  TV, entertainment, and self indulgence by parents in their own indulgences is having a deep affect on the school age generation.  They lack discipline, direction, and observe "parents" who care very little about their own maturity, let alone that of their children.


Oregon is at the tip of the spear when it comes to cultural decline. 

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Is Oregon Getting More Business Unfriendly? | Cascade Policy Institute

Oregon is known as a small business state.

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Oregon Democrats control education, economy, land use, commerce. 


Now, the Democrat legislature wants to speed up with decline..


Want nations highest "Minimum  Wage". 

Demands an extreme and outrageous "Global Warming" tax

Continues to destroy government/public education – now offers up lowest high school graduation rate in the nation.


Democrats have destroyed Oregon’s foundation.. and want to drive it further into "Progressive Hell", just for kicks. 

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Cultivating Ignorance and Arrogance

The lack of civics education in our schools has produced the mess we face.

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"… Yet perhaps the most devastating illustration of what is really occurring was revealed by Glen Fairman in a 2012 American Thinker column. Fairman recounts his time as a graduate student working as a substitute teacher at Puente High School in Southern California. One day he was assigned to cover a social studies class while the regular teacher was on a field trip. During that assignment he discovered a “set of thirty-year-old textbooks from the mid-1960s” whose contents “burned themselves into my brain.”

“As I flipped through the pages, I was astonished to find what I would now consider an upper-level college textbook under color of what in the high schools used to be termed ‘civics,’” he reveals. “This text contained a very detailed understanding of political theory, constitutional law, macroeconomics, American history, and comparative political systems. I spent the rest of the day in slack-jawed amazement, perusing what a student in a working-class town was expected to know before the mavens of education began tinkering with the curricula of our schools.”

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Watch PERS bill backer struggle to describe impact (video): Editorial

In the video clip above, Rep. Brian Clem, D-Salem, struggles to describe the impact of a bill he’s championing, HB 4011. The bill, about which we wrote last week, would treat employees of the Oregon State Hospital like police officers for pension purposes, which means they’d be able to retire several years earlier and collect slightly higher checks from the Public Employees Retirement System – which has a huge unfunded liability. In the video, Rep. Bill Kennemer, R-Oregon City, asks how many people would see their benefits improve under the proposal. Not only does Clem have no idea, but he’s just as willing to believe that the number is 23 as 2,300 – roughly its actual impact. Clem’s testimony occurred Feb. 1 during a public hearing before the House Business and Labor Committee. The bill is scheduled for a work session before the same committee Wednesday.

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This is the legislator who SPONSORED the bill.  Doesn’t even know how many potential retirees could be added to this new government burden set upon taxpayers.


Brian Clem is a tool.  There is no other way to describe someone who sponsors a bill and is clueless as to it’s burden on taxpayers.   That’s not what his government union supporters pay him for…. 

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Homeschoolers face 23 yrs. in jail for late paperwork

Parents from two homeschooling families in Ohio face up to 23 years in jail for missing filing deadlines imposed by the state

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Massive government leads to massive oppression.  As the State gorges itself from taxes and fees imposed on the "little people", it’s clear that the power to oppress those who are deemed "politcally incorrect" is simply overpowering.  America is shifting to a government system far more aligned with that of the old Soviet Union.. while mocking and trying to extinguish the dreams and aspirations that fueled America’s struggle for freedom from tyranny. 


American government through it’s compulsory "public education" system has proven to have become a corrupted network of far left, Marxist inspired collectivists who are determined to enforce conformity to their Godless, narcissistic worldview.. where freedom is redefined to ONLY include what the far left deems correct.. and are intent on using the power of the gun and/or prison to enforce submission.. just like the failed Soviet Union did under it’s communist experiment. 

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Home school debate team banned from participating in state competitions | EAGnews.org

SANTA FE, N.M. – The New Mexico Speech and Debate Association isn’t interested in debating with homeschoolers.

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Reflecting monopoly labor views… that mediocrity in government education must NOT be exposed going forward.  It’s embarrassing.  Monopoly government labor unions promote the idea that achievement is secondary to union goals.. more money, less work, and neither tied to outcomes.   Keeping outcomes/performance expectations low helps "negotiations".  Of course, the true cost is a reduced competence lever for generations of kids caught in this mind numbing hack. 

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Bernie Sanders is a Communist and an Ignoramus

He’s not actually democratic or socialist, either.

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It’s hard to believe there are those that thinks he has any qualifications to become leader of the free world.  Not even remotely close.   


Still, I hope he wins the democrat/socialist nomination!  That would make the contrast in worldviews stark and unambiguous.

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