Watch PERS bill backer struggle to describe impact (video): Editorial

In the video clip above, Rep. Brian Clem, D-Salem, struggles to describe the impact of a bill he’s championing, HB 4011. The bill, about which we wrote last week, would treat employees of the Oregon State Hospital like police officers for pension purposes, which means they’d be able to retire several years earlier and collect slightly higher checks from the Public Employees Retirement System – which has a huge unfunded liability. In the video, Rep. Bill Kennemer, R-Oregon City, asks how many people would see their benefits improve under the proposal. Not only does Clem have no idea, but he’s just as willing to believe that the number is 23 as 2,300 – roughly its actual impact. Clem’s testimony occurred Feb. 1 during a public hearing before the House Business and Labor Committee. The bill is scheduled for a work session before the same committee Wednesday.

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This is the legislator who SPONSORED the bill.  Doesn’t even know how many potential retirees could be added to this new government burden set upon taxpayers.


Brian Clem is a tool.  There is no other way to describe someone who sponsors a bill and is clueless as to it’s burden on taxpayers.   That’s not what his government union supporters pay him for…. 

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