Portland, Oregon’s $14.50 Minimum Wage Will Hurt Workers It’s Supposed to Help

Good intentions can produce terrible results. Recently the Oregon legislature passed an unprecedented minimum wage hike in effort to help workers within their state, but the legislation will hurt the workers it’s supposed to help.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: cnsnews.com

Oregon lawmakers.. rather, Democrat lawmakers…. insist that their "good intentions" are good for Oregon’s lowest wage earners and small businesses..  The result of those good intentions was to raise "minimum wage levels" across the State, making feel good "minimum" wages the highest in the nation.  They claim such across the board increase will not lead to reduced job opportunities or business closures. 


Clearly, Democrats skipped basic economics in high school…and make decisions after analysis worthy of a high school freshman (not intending to diss on freshman, only to point out the shallow thinking involved in their "analysis").

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