70% of signed bills had “Fake Emergency” Clauses

Nearly 70% of signed bills had “Fake Emergency” Clauses By Taxpayer Association of Oregon OregonWatchdog.com The liberal politicians are brazenly censoring the Oregon public by stuffing…

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Governor doesn’t want your viewpoint

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State Department announces comment period for FY2017 Refugee admissions

This is the official launch of the preparations underway for the Obama Administration’s last Refugee Admissions plan to be sent to Congress in September of this year.  Obama has already signaled that he wants 100,000 refugees seeded into your towns in FY2017. Each year at this time, the US State Department takes testimony from the…

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Refugee Contractors want citizens to bug out… They’ve got big bucks to earn from your Federal Government..

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Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn: America has forgotten how to win at war | Fox News

Somewhere along our national journey our political leaders lost the clarity of vision, our military commanders the habits of strategic thought, and our public the determined will to achieve victory.

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As Obama embraces elements of the Muslim Brotherhood….

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California minimum wage hike hits L.A. apparel industry: ‘The exodus has begun’

The minimum wage hike in California is accelerating changes in the L.A. apparel industry that began decades ago with outsourcing, industry experts said.

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What happens to a region when politicians interfere with the free market?  Jobs, businesses, and the region becomes less prosperous.. every time.   Politicians think they are blessed with some form of “higher thinking” capacity.. which is ludicrous, of course.  Nonetheless, Californians insist on following the pied piper politicians into the abyss. 

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Hard times for CEO who gave workers a $70K minimum wage?

Did Dan Price’s plan backfire?

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Altruism…It’s good to look back and examine the results of this Seattle’s approach to Socialism in the sphere of business.  unintended consequences were spelled out in advance by onlookers… and those consequences took little time to show up.

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