Articles from across the globe, reporting on the bizarre and treacherous schemes and self indulgent nature of Man.

We witness the constant effort by would be tyrants to use guile and deception to convince people they are helpless and dependent.  Many Americans seem determined to toss individual freedom and liberty aside while ignorantly locking themselves into the shackles and chains of Marxist tyranny and bondage.  Americans have allowed Marxist sympathizers to take, unchallenged, important positions of influence over education, government, newspapers, television and now we have a President who has embraced Marxist ideas for decades.

This blog is meant to shed light on some of the ways we are allowing, by inattention mostly, this form of Statism to systematically destroy America from within.

Future generations will wonder why this generation was so easily dooped by the siren song of Statism.  They will wistfully recount stories of the days when a person was relatively free of the State’s menacing control of daily life.

When America was formed, it was decided that government should be LIMITED.  It was established to PROTECT freedom, liberty, property, and the INDIVIDUAL rights of each citizen as set forth in the Constitution.

Collectivist’s disregard our Constitution’s wisdom.  The toss aside it’s design to protect  the individual from the whims and demands of the mob..  We were organized to be a Republic, not a democracy.  The Constitution was designed to protect the unalienable rights of the individual, even against the majority.  Unfortunately, American Marxist’s reject that idea.  Variations of Marxism, in the last century alone, led directly to the death of more than 100 million people.

As we allow the STATE to usurp the rightful powers of the individual, the property, freedom, and liberty for American citizens is being set aside.  Government has become a huge entitlement scheme… to control, confiscate and “redistribute” the treasury to political friends.

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