Top 50 NASA Global Warming Fraud

It’s desparate times for the Global Warming fraud cartel. Even NASA’s top scientists are fed up with the prolonged effort by some within NANA to push fraudulent “science” in order to support a corrupt and poisonous political ideology. It is breathtaking that there are still some of the “leaders” of the conspiracy still try to claim that.. even though they routinely misrepresented the facts to “prove” their position, they are still convinced they are “right”. Many people are institutionalized for less much evidence of mental instability and self delusion.

The United (Socialist) Nations – Progress on Global Governance via Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Bio-Diversity | Originals


Who is behind the effort to use fraudulent “Climate Science” as a tool for political consolidation and manipulation? To be direct.. Socialists.

Examine the facts for yourself. Consider the political aspirations of those who continue to push the hoax, despite clear and compelling evidence that this man made global climate change is nothing more than a giant hoax, the aim being to use it as cover for an effort to bring the world into a “one world” government with unelected “leaders” to become imperial taskmasters. Read the evidence. Test it against the best arguments brought forth by the United Nation’s “Globalist” cabal. The one common theme is the sincere and consistent use of junk science and outright deception..even in the face of overwhelming evidence. This effort to control via a massive centralized government has nothing to do with “climate science”, and everything to do with domination and and subjugation of sovereign states to the will and power of people who lust to prey on the inhabitants of the world.. especially those who wish to live free.