A New Threat For A New Century- Common ism


 There’s no doubt that when the walls of Soviet Communism fell almost two decades ago, the world changed. Once-proud nations, that had been swallowed up by the Soviet empire, reemerged as a new “democracy movement.” Western forces were expected to rush forward and promote their democratic ideology and bring Communism’s formerly oppressed victims into the fold of free markets and freely elected representative government. For the most part, that didn’t happen. In the few cases where it did, there were two very glaring omissions left out of the equation of the version of freedom offered to the emerging nations – the most important components – private property ownership and protection of individual liberty.  None of the new constitutions of the emerging Eastern European democracies contain a word about recognition of private property rights, nor does the new American- designed constitution of Iraq. As “Social Democracies” have sprung up around the world, those glaring omissions have become a standard practice….The United Nation’s Agenda 21 is at the root of this (listen to these speakers discuss Agenda 21 and related issues)  To read the essay, Continued here